Annuity Mentorship Program – AMP: Selling Annuities

This course is designed to take the student from basic to proficient through a series of online training videos and subsequent live webinar opportunities with an expert in annuity sales, Derek Baltimore.

Module 1 AMP Introduction
Unit 1 Class Preparation
Unit 2 Intro
Unit 3 Introduction Quiz
Module 2 AMP: Annuity Basics
Unit 1 Annuity Basics Part 1
Unit 2 Annuity Basics Part 2
Unit 3 Basics Quiz
Module 3 AMP: Types of Annuities
Unit 1 Annuity Types - MYGA
Unit 2 MYGA Quiz
Unit 3 Annuity Types - DIA
Unit 4 DIA Quiz
Unit 5 Annuity Types - FIA
Unit 6 FIA Quiz
Unit 7 Annuity Types - SPIA
Unit 8 SPIA Quiz