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  • PSA Agencies Are Offered An Agent Recruiter
  • PSA Agencies Are Offered An Lead Marketers
  • Agency Office Allowances
  • Agency Lead Allowances
  • Agency Employee Allowances
  • 75+ Insurance Carriers
  • Expert Training & Guidance
  • Preset Appointments Available for Proven Agents
  • Agent Support of 110+ Hardworking Team Members
  • Product Line Experts for Medicare, Life, Annuities & Ancillary Product
  • Expert Training & Guidance
  • PSA Agent University
  • Face to Face Training
  • Cutting Edge Technology – Intuitive Tools & Resources from any device
  • Personal Agent Mentors
  • Trip Incentives

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We help doctors and providers retain a greater percentage of their patients when changes are made to the accepted insurance carriers. This helps doctors maximize their earning potential by helping their patients optimize utilization for the most benefit-rich health insurance plans available.

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“My vision for PSA is to become the top choice for career insurance agents in the United States, with the mentorship and resources to ensure that they have the prospects to speak with and the expertise to convert them into lifetime clients.”

Rodney Culp, President