Alpha Leads Advanced Training

If you have been invited to participate in the Alpha Leads Program, this training is mandatory.

Module 1 Alpha Leads Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction by DeWayne Long
Unit 2 Alpha Leads Resource Downloads
Module 2 Preparation
Unit 1 Approaching Alpha Leads
Unit 2 The Process of Working These Leads
Unit 3 Preparing to Call
Unit 4 Quiz 1
Module 3 Setting the Appointment
Unit 1 Information in the Lead Survey
Unit 2 Setting the Appointment
Unit 3 Overcoming Objections
Unit 4 Important Notes
Unit 5 The Full Process of Setting the Appointment
Unit 6 Materials to Help Secure the Appointment
Unit 7 Script for Door-to-Door Opportunities
Unit 8 Quiz 2
Module 4 During the Appointment
Unit 1 Fact Finder Deep Dive
Unit 2 Tips for Your Appointment
Unit 3 Tools You Should Use
Unit 4 Handling Objections During the Appointment
Unit 5 Plan B During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Unit 6 Quiz 3
Module 5 Final Thoughts
Unit 1 Money in Your Pocket
Unit 2 Final Thoughts